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Who is False Knees?

Hi! My name's Joshua and I am the creator of this comic you're looking at. Thanks for checking out my site! In 2017 I'm updating at least twice per week.

What is False Knees?

False Knees is a webcomic strip, and as such, maintains the obligatory appearance of cats in at least 75% of its overall content. If you would like to see more comics about cats or leave some other comments, cat-related or otherwise, please direct your eager fingers to All feedback is appreciated and given a warm meal.

Why is False Knees?

False Knees would not carry on––and several hundreds of its hard-working employees would be out of a job––if it were not for the inexhaustible encouragement of family and friends and kind internetites. Thank you all!

If you've just gotta get your hands on some False Knees merchandise you are in luck! I have comics and prints for sale in my store which you can find above. If you have an idea for an original piece of art I offer commissions through the store as well. I'll be adding new things periodically so check back in there later!

I also have both a PayPal account (here) and a Patreon account (upstairs) if you would like to support False Knees in a different way. If you support me on Patreon you will see more artwork and behind-the-scenes sort of stuff, and you'll be automatically included in any draws I'll have in the future. There's no pressure but any amount would truly be appreciated! False Knees will always be free and I will always enjoy making it. Thanks for reading!

- Joshua

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